Not quite a year...

After talking with some "influential" family members, I am back on the keys for this blog.
First thing will be a lot of updates sourced from my Facebook page. I am going to try to date them appropriately as well.
Look forward to the suspense and the excitement of our Home Depot roofing fiasco.
This is a saga that STILL continues, though we were promised a one day job in April 2010.
Hear the jaw dropping tale of our broken water pipes and dead hot water heaters as well.

To bring you back down, I will bring over a bunch of cooking that I was going to place on another blog, but I think I'ma (my favorite contraction=I am going to) just put it all here. I really can't manage more. It'll just all stay PG-13 I guess.
I can keep the trash on Facebook!

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