2013 in MORE of a blur!

It started with a frozen pipe, on a day that I thought it would thaw. I decided to try and leave a "trickle" of hot water. When I got home the floor was soaked and there were 2 inches of water in the cabinet and water was streaming out of the light fixture in the apartment downstairs! Yikes!
Somewhere that trickle had become a BLAST and there was enough slow drainage in the sink to lead to overflow. We needed a new counter/cabinet because we were rolling on 'contractor grade' as they call it.
We grabbed a cheap WOODEN setup of the same size and a new faux granite counter top. Went to IKEA for a cheap new sink to go inside.

Then we had to dry and clean downstairs, replace lighting and eventually the ceiling which still has a horrible poorly done patch.

Then our taxes went up. Gah!
Renovations still on hold.
Many events - no garden beyond parsley, thyme, wild dill and a TON of basil.

2012 in a BLUR!

We spent the winter thinking about events, recording music and planning gigs.
We built a vardo for camping and misnamed it the Nuage Tragique which guaranteed a flat tire on our first trip, on a Sunday afternoon, in the middle of nowhere Maine. It took us 2 hrs to find a replacement and there REALLY were no other places left to try.
When we go to Walmart it is the END of the line.
The platform in the first photo is 2 pieces so the blue can be slid on top and the mattress we have folds and there is more interior room. Makes it easier to pack.  2nd photo shows hoe the crossbars work. We use a decorative fabric as the inside layer, then a plastic tarp in the middle and a canvas outside. Very cozy when it is all set up and I don't have to sleep on the ground like a chump!
 interior version 1
 exterior paint version 1
there is a plain canvas that goes over this when we are on site