Pre New Year's Assessment

A farewell...
2011 was the Year of Plumbing Disasters and we are not sad to see it go.
We had 2 frozen pipes in January, lost 1 hot water heater in February and the second 2 weeks later as March rolled in. Before the end of winter we also had replaced the shower head. By the end of April we had replaced a toilet and had to clear a blockage in our sewer main, a job which required tearing up flooring in the basement and Dave's nephew up to his shoulder in sewage, yay! Sometime during the summer the kitchen sink started to leak and we patched the drain hole with putty that failed. We have been living with a heavily dripping sink since then. We have a vague plan to renovate the kitchen, but I haven't found the new sink I want yet.
So glad this year is over...

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