2013 in MORE of a blur!

It started with a frozen pipe, on a day that I thought it would thaw. I decided to try and leave a "trickle" of hot water. When I got home the floor was soaked and there were 2 inches of water in the cabinet and water was streaming out of the light fixture in the apartment downstairs! Yikes!
Somewhere that trickle had become a BLAST and there was enough slow drainage in the sink to lead to overflow. We needed a new counter/cabinet because we were rolling on 'contractor grade' as they call it.
We grabbed a cheap WOODEN setup of the same size and a new faux granite counter top. Went to IKEA for a cheap new sink to go inside.

Then we had to dry and clean downstairs, replace lighting and eventually the ceiling which still has a horrible poorly done patch.

Then our taxes went up. Gah!
Renovations still on hold.
Many events - no garden beyond parsley, thyme, wild dill and a TON of basil.

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