Getting closer...

Well, we payed a visit to our Mortgage agent, to sign a bunch of forms. We neglected to provide a few documents (tax forms, etc), and forgot our check book to write a check for him, but since the seemingly lazy seller's agent hadn't sent all the forms that she was supposed to send weeks ago, there would be no problem if we were a day late with the Mortgage guy's check.
(sioux: he started the process anyway-locked in rate and ordered appraisal. nice guy, more about him later)

We heard that 2 of the people in the second apartment wanted to stay on, and move downstairs. We decided that we should send them an application to fill out, and we'll do a background check. There is no reason for us to treat them differently than we would anyone else.

We went back to Uncle Ken to sign a few more papers, and questioned a newly added line that said that the washer and dryer in the basement were not included. Come on -- the original ad said "all appliances included". Why the exception now? Ken made 2 versions of the form -- one with the exception clause about the washer and dryer, and one without, in case they let us have it. We're looking closer to being homeowners -- but it's almost December now, and it's been freezing lately. We might not be able to move in till January, which will suck, because it will be freezing, the most unpleasant time to move.

With a little reminder, I checked out the 401(k) plan from my former employer, as well as a retirement fund that I had from an even older employer. Amazingly, I've got several thousand available in each. So we might have more money to throw at the house -- or at least, I can stop worrying about not spending anything until the house is ours. I'll probably move one into my current 401(k), and the other into my savings account for new toys. I'm hoping to not have to use my newly found stashes of cash, but it's good that they're there if we need it.
(sioux says: save it!)

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