A little rewind...

We started looking in December 2007.

We looked at a lot of houses.

The word came down on Saturday November 8th that the offer (we first made on August 22, amended on August 24 and upped to "best and final" on November 7th) had been accepted by the seller's bank's legal team.

The wait was harrowing. I do nothing but eat under this kind of stress and was running out of clothes!

Yes, many things have happened in between, but the key thing now is

Barring disaster we'll get to move and fix it up and paint and decorate and tear down walls and find tenants and spend a ton of money and hopefully we end up having a funky house that we love.

I'd like to say never a short sale again, but in April 24th, this house was listed for $80,000 more than what we'll pay. I don't remember what it was when it first went on the market in the winter because it was WAY out of our price range. I do remember seeing it week after week in my listing updates and hoping it would make it to the point where we could look at it because it's a cute house in a very convenient location for us. If it weren't for the short sale process we wouldn't be writing this stuff!

Just found out the original asking price
(with this office,it could have been on the market for even more with someone else prior to this)
was $134,000
more than our price!

Yee Haw!
Of course we are still buying at a really scary time.