What's happening??


With an open ended move out date at 
my place in the North End, 
we made the finishing the first floor 
the priority and now we're moving me. 

It ain't easy.
Fifth Floor walkup. 
Not so horrible moving up, but coming down...ugh.
Try carrying 2 bulky totes full of stuff down 
winding stairs that you can't see.
And I have a lot of one trip items. 
Things that are too big to carry more than one, 
even though they aren't heavy. 
Makes for a lot of trips.

I have done about 40 trips up and down so far this week.
Usually I do 2 a day at the most.
Yes, my legs are killing me.
And now I have to be careful.

I'm down to.
Boxes of breakable stuff. 
Lamps, glasses.
And books. And records (yup vinyl!).
Heavy Sewing machine.
Heavy Iron Baker's rack. oh, 2 of them.
Air Conditioner.
Cooking gear. Too many HUGE pots.
Some canned food.
Big mirrors. Big paintings. 
All going in the little car.
Sunday we get a van for the last big items-table, cabinet, loveseat.
Probably bring some trash across town since 
it can't go out on the street too early on Sunday 
or they'll get a ticket.

Tomorrow I want to try loading up a 2 wheeler to go down, 
but I think it's going to be too big for the corners and steepness. 

I thought we'd be done this Sunday,but I am now thinking nope.
well Monday is a holiday so maybe can finish then.

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