Yay! Officially done!

The first floor is officially done!
We have a tenant moving in.
I can move out of The North End.
Yup, it got put on hold, so we could get a tenant in -
was a good idea because we just got it done in time for her
(there are whacky formatting
issues on this page - please click pic
for full size and bear with me!)

So Here's the Recap
KITCHEN - Before and After

Bedroom -
We decided the high gloss-moss had to go -
ditto with the cable through the window!???!

Living Room -
the circus left town -
no more blazing glossy sunshine yellow

Spare Room/Study? Small room
Was white with filthy blue green
now it is pale yellow with
wood grain vinyl floor

Bathroom -
The best for last
This barely captures how nice the bathroom came out
The color is much darker - a warm, greenish gray

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