11 day countdown

While we're counting the days to closing...
[that's 11, or 8 work days(!)]

I figure I'll fill space with some randomy goodness.

So what's going on around here?
Not that you knew they were missing but...I still haven't found the Camera Cable, or it's friends the Other Camera Cable and Camera Cable III.
Yes, photos previously promised are still conspicuously absent.
The cables in question apparently left together sometime after I attended an awesome cookout/band gig.
I have pictures from that event downloaded, so I know I had the cables then.
But now? Who knows.
With the flurry of packing and moving stuff to parent's house for storage they have gone.
Since they have been away for a few weeks I thought I'd bite the bullet (or whatever) and buy a new one. Sadly, it is a special teeny plug from the camera out and no one seems to have them.
The Geek from Best Buy claimed it was old and they don't make them anymore and it is a propreitary Panasonic only cable. If any of that baloney was true I'd have had only one cable this size. But I had 3-one from that camera, one from another camera of mine (Canon) and not sure where #3 came from.
Also, this is my new camera that we're talking about here. I got it in the summer. Not an old model either. So I figure I have to go direct to panasonic online.
Grr--Trying to navigate the panasonic website is _______?
Right, akin to nothing else, so fill in the blank with your choice of foul situations. Hopefully I will get a human on the phone when I have 3 hours to spare and end this.

other stuff
Old Crumply...since we slid into that car a few weeks back, I have personally been thinking of Dave's car as Old Crumply. One thing I did notice about Old Crumply's look is that a wrecked up front end makes any driver who can see you just a smidge more careful and courteous.
When people ask what happened to the car and we've taken to playing it up as intentional.
This car is PIMPed out!
No one messes with a car that looks like this, (yo)!
This is the look that makes other driver's get outta da way! (really)

Old Crumply's bad weekend
Saturday morning Old Crumply was actin' strange. Very sluggish, no git up 'n' go. On the way from band practice to "The Secret Gig" the check engine light went on. I hypothesized tranny fluid was low and the car just wasn't shiftin' right. We couldn't open the hood cuz it had been smashed in and was way stuck and it was freezin' and dark by the time we left South Boston. Sunday Dave got the hood open, added trans fluid and windshield washer. This mornin' she was like a new girl. Dave's guess was that the gas cap was loose and the fuel mix was bad because the check engine light was off, without a mechanic turning it off. In the owner's manual for his car it says check your gas cap when the check engine light goes on because this might be why.
So things were looking good for Old Crumply.
Dave gave me a ride home this morning and on his way home...disaster.
Old Crumply lost her grip...hood flew open and cracked the windshield in the meantime.
So now Old Crumply must go into the shop before we close on this house for sure.
AND it's gonna cost one windshield more than before.

Today I found the paper signed by the seller that said All Appliances included!
It was not on a listing sheet, it was on our first offer. I just sent copies out to realtors and lawyer to see what they say.

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