Obstacles we may face this week before we actually have a house

1)Weather - Old Man winter promised a storm on Friday ...yay.
2)Illness - I now have the head cold that's going around.  
Dave was totally down for 3 days.  
I have to work Wednesday and Thursday to get Christmas ads done.
I will probably be dead sick on Friday.

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  1. I was ridiculously sick! My head was a brick, I had chills, sneezing, aches and fever, I had hardly any sleep the night before and had the killer dry, hacking cough.
    But I couldn't get any rest.
    Anytime I sat still for over 10 minutes I'd have a coughing fit.
    Sitting upright at the computer and spinning the chair a bit worked like a lullaby for the cold, so I tried to work.
    I actually emailed customers, got an ad and built a couple.
    The storm was really bad and Dave got home early.
    I don't know what time I got to sleep, but I didn't get up till after 1PM on Saturday!