One Day, One Mouse

How many must die in this endeavor?

(I mean mice here)

Tuesday night we went and picked up a Craigslist furniture item then went to do a little work in the house.

We took the doors and hardware off the cabinets in the kitchen downstairs and sanded them down for painting. In the picture I haven't done the lower cabinets and drawer fronts yet. With white cabinets and a beigey wall color this kitchen should look much better. We're debating about new counter top. Might not need it after the paint, not sure if we can upgrade the whole place to the point where a really nice counter will get us any more $$


  1. Lt. Dave here, Sir.

    Sir, I wish to report that our traps caught one of the enemies last night, in the lower levels of the cabinet zone. We disposed of the body, and reset the traps, in case there are more.

    We also surrounded the perimeter with Boric acid to tackle the 6-legged enemies. We've seen a few of them about the perimeter, but none have made any hostile gestures. If they do, though, the perimeter defense should take care of them. We plan on spraying prior to concluding our activities in the kitchen zone.

    We have seen evidence of mice in several zones, but are concentrating on the kitchen, because that is where they usually look for food. Since our efforts are supressing them have yeilded results on our first attempt, we expect that soon enough, we should have the rodent situation under control.

    Thank you, Sir!

  2. Lt. Dave reporting, Sir!

    I wish to report that another rodent was killed in the same location as the last one. We have reset traps in the kitchen zone.

    We've seen a lot of slow-moving roaches, and a few bodies here and there. The perimeter defense is working, but it's slow.

    With some spare time, we pulled the mouse-infested cabinet away from the wall, and cleaned. There was a lot of nesting material discovered, and a hole next to the heating vent. We planted some poison pellets next to the hole, and cleaned the area up until it was spotless. Then the cabinet was set back into the wall.

    If any more mice are left, they will have a hard time navigating the traps.

    Lt. Dave out, Sir!

  3. Well, it looks like after about 4 days, there have been no rodents, or any signs of rodents.

    I'm going to put fresh crackers on the traps, put some in new locations, and see if we get any more. If we're lucky, we've successfully defeated them, just like we did in my apartment last year.