Going UP!

Lovely Third floor stairs

the room on the left (music room)

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  1. The 3rd floor was constructed by a crew of retarded construction workers. Originally, there was only one room up there, and it was carpeted wall to wall.

    Then some previous owner decided "Hey, I think I'll turn this into a flop house, and cram as many people up there as possible!" To save money, the walls were constructed right on top of the carpeting. They didn't even cut up the carpet to lay the 2x4s. I guess they thought they could just put some trim on the bottom to cover that up or something. What's kind of odd is that there is a threshold for the closet, but none for the entry doors.

    SO the stairway is really narrow and the steps are really steep. There is an EXTERIOR lighting fixture at the top of the stairs. It's the type of fixture that you're supposed to put on the ceiling of your porch, just above the entrance. I guess they thought it would look extra classy if they had it indoors.

    "Classy" is a very relative term, and varies depending on income and culture. For example, if you come from a poverty stricken, non-urban environment, your concept of a classy bedroom might be a blob-water bed with a mirror on the cieling, right over the bed. You might even think that a beaded doorway curtain with a peace symbol is classy. Then there are people who think that plastic plants are classier than real ones, because plastic is what the future is all about (We found some outside in the front of the house).