Whoo Hoo!

Signed and Sealed!
We finally signed everything and this is officially Our House!
I have to work, Dave is changing the locks (hopefully right now!)
Then finding the home in here begins.
This picture is from Sunday, December 21, 
when we did our walkthrough.
It was snowing all day, when we got there Ken, 
our realtor was shoveling the driveway!
The heat was on and the electric was on, 
nothing was frozen AND all of the appliances 
that had been an issue were there! So after 
all that hassle they didn't take any of the appliances!

The works begins today!
here's a taste of some of the beautiful stuff inside
First Floor Kitchen - 
The first floor will be the rental unit, we'll live on 2 and 3

who wouldn't JUMP to have this lovely kitchen?
Rosey red counters and peachy red tile!
Yes, these are BEFORE pics.
We won't be doing an overhaul here for a while, 
we need a tenant asap
but this kitchen will get a neutral beige-y paint job, 
white cabinets (stove is bone/black, fridge is white)
and possibly a faux concrete countertop for now.
It should be really cute when it's done.


  1. I made the house ours today by changing all the locks. No, I didn't use the toilet yet, so it's not mine in that sense.

    I found out some good things. It already has programmable thermostats. you can set a different temperature for several times a day every day. It's really easy to program, and the instructions are written right on the door of the thermostat.

    It looks like nice hard wood floors underneath the badly installed laminate flooring. We'll see what surprises are underneath the rooms with the laminate and carpet, and hopefully, we'll have just a sanding and finishing to do.

    I found a video tape upstairs in the 3rd floor closet. I'm going to check to see if it's home made porn like the last video tape I found hidden in an apartment.

    I met one of the previous tennants. He didn't speak English very well, but he offered his services for painting, if we needed it. He told me that each of the 6 people living in the second and third floor unit were paying $375 a month each. That menas that the landlord was getting $2250 for that apartment. There were 6 people living in an apartment that has only 2 bedrooms -- Two additional bedrooms were actually large storage areas (walk-in closets)-- and the attic rooms were used as bedrooms, even though they do not get heat.

    6 rooms -- possibly 8-10 people sharing one kitchen and one bathroom! Hoo boy. I feel like a wild consumer-pig! It's just going to be the two of us there, and there used to be 10 people!

  2. After talking about this, some people apparently paid less for rent than others. One of the people that Sue talked to said that he paid only $300. So I guess larger rooms got more money, and smaller ones less.

    We found lots of evidence of roaches and mice -- such as live roaches that we squished, and mouse droppings and nests. We set a bunch of traps, and will probably spend the next few days exterminating, while moving.