Weekly Recap

If nothing else I will hopefully do a weekly recap

Here's where we're at on 12/29/08
  • I think about 1/3 of Dave's apartment has come over, about 1/10th of mine. Lots of books, knickknacks and cooking stuff.
  • Yesterday we put the bedframe together, but had to return the mattress pad since it was a full. It said queen. That's Marshall's for ya! They had no queen size mattress pads so we got a bazillion thread count - egyptian cotton - super lofty one at Kohl's instead. But we haven't stayed over yet. Maybe Thursday. We don't really have furniture over yet. A dresser, nightstand and bed is about it.
  • I have almost completed the downstairs kitchen cabinets. Should be putting the doors back on tonight.
  • We have investigated, and found hardwood under the laminate floor in the front room second floor. Yay!
  • I have removed fixture covers and patched almost every hole on the first floor walls.
  • About 1/4 of the first floor is primed, too. Front room could be ready to paint after tonight. Have to bring over a drop cloth.
  • We will sadly have to tear down some mighty real old plaster walls to open up the second floor and that is going to be a pain.
  • Birds live in the bathroom exhaust fan on the first floor.
  • There is less than 2 feet of counter workspace in MY kitchen(!) right now.

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