While I still have a tooth left to grind

I think I have one tooth left to grind!

I just got a call from the #$@^%$! seller's realtor.

This woman has repeatedly been reminded that the house has to be delivered vacant, empty, con zero personas...since August, even.

So why did she call?
She just got a call from the lawyer for the short sale. The second lender finally approved.
He told her we are closing the 19th - she should know this it is on the P&S.
He asked her if the house was empty - it should be, it is a requirement on the P&S
She called me because the house isn't empty and "these people have no place to go".
She also acted like she had no idea at all hat we were going to close so soon.
I mean, heck, we made the first offer on August 21st, what's the rush?

I wish I could make $16,000 doing nothing.
She barely walked us through half of the house the first time we saw it.
I truly believe that since we aren't Hispanic/Latino/Central American(what term do I go to here?) she really wasn't going to put any effort into getting us to buy it.

I really believe that most of the holdups are related to her questionable decision making "skills".

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  1. BuCkInGfuTtEr!!!!!!

    Yeah, the selling agent is either a complete retard, or she is suffering from Alzheimers!

    She acts all surprised about the closing date, and that people are stillliving in the house, DESPITE the fact that "house must be delivered vacant and empty" was on the P&S from the start!

    Pretty much each step of the way was met with her surprising us like this.

    First, we never got to see the locked rooms when she showed the house to us. We only saw them during the inspection, and only because the people from the locked rooms showed up while we were there.

    Then, despite the fact that the original listing said "all appliances included", and when we asked her about specific appliances, she confirmed by saying "all appliances are included", including the ones we asked about, we still got a piece of paper excluding several appliances -- two of which she told us were included when we asked.

    So now we get this buckfuttery about her being so surprized that the closing date is the 19th (a month OVER DUE, because of her SLOWNESS in sending us the paperwork!), and that the people have no place to go. Heck, they knew they were apparently selling the house real soon. We had been talking back and forth about who is staying as a tennant on the first floor, and the owner said he would not stay already. You think they would be prepared, knowing they were so close to selling.

    This moron of a sales agent is about to lose the sale, and all because she can't keep treack of her own sales info. I have to think that she's trying to pull something on us or on the owner, because it's hard for me to imagine a real estate weasel being that dumb!