Since I didn't take progress pics I figured I'd talk about the chairs I have been amassing.
(It's NOW officialy-I collect chairs)

This chair came as part of a $20 table and chair deal
and has great hand carving on the back,
as well as one really outstanding claw foot.
It's just a "transitional" dining chair, probably American
from the 20's or 30's but I haven't found another
like it because of the ball & claw foot. The toes are broken off the other side, but it is a clean break that
I think I can fix up pretty easily.

The fabric I have tucked into it is a trial run of this Geisha print I had picked up for something else.
It matches the colors we'll probably use in the bedroom.
There currently is a very pretty and seemingly expensive
brocade on the seat but that is a tad too prissy for me.
(despite my love for pink and french - it won't do)
I should have gotten a close up of the carving, it is nice.

This is the new chair last week
Found on Craigslist(where else?)

It needs to be re-upholstered, and it isn't as old as it looks,
but it is a great reproduction and I am going to funk it up big time.
It's too bad the upholstery is cat mangled, because it is a very
plush, high quality chenille.
No way I can afford to redo with something this nice.
I am hoping to find some far out upholstery and add heavy
fringe around the bottom. Freddie Farkel's here I come!

THIS is why I got the electric staple gun!

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