Yeah, it's COLD outside!

We messed up.
We set the thermostat in the downstairs so low that when we went down to work last night it was too cold to do what we had to do! It was about 50 degrees down there and that was too cold to paint and the sanding discs wouldn't stay stuck on the sander. Dave sanded maybe 3 square feet in the bathroom and I managed to paint some chair rail and put a first coat on a cabinet door, but the paint was just not working otherwise. Since it would have taken too long to warm the place up, we went upstairs installed a hanging rod in the giant closet area and put drawers in one of the dressers. It's fun to put clothes away instead of having them piled all over the place.

We got a great start this week and we're still about halfway through our Monday to Sunday chore list, so I think with a break from band practice we'll get it all done and have the first floor complete by the end of Sunday. Whoo Hoo!

We're going to turn the heat up as soon as we get home tonight.

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