Nancy Kerrigan Day

Why!? Whhhhyyyy????? WWWWwwwhhhhyyyy
did they do this?!!!???

I dubbed Saturday Nancy Kerrigan Day because it was a day
full of Dave plaintively screaming "Why?!"

In the "half room" downstairs there was a non salvageable wall-to-wall
carpet that had to be ripped up.
Besides dust and dirt, usually a pretty basic job.
He had 3 sides of the carpet up and a lot of the underlayment
and carpet cut up and trashed when


Instead of a tackdown strip, it appeared that the carpet
on the last wall was under the molding.
So he went to work removing the molding

"WWHhhyy did they do this??!!!!"

The carpet was not only under the molding it was also
under the sheet rock...
So Mr. Dave got out the saw and cut a hunk of the sheet rock out.
There was a big hole to patch in that wall anyway,
so we were not too sad to cut a hole in it.
"WHHHyyyy did the DO THIS!??"

Of course, the carpet was under THE WALL...
apparently the highly sophisticated carpenter who added this "room"
to the unit laid the carpet before constructing the wall.
Did ya get that??

The wall was built over the carpeting.
Oh, wait, if you've been following, you'll know this is not a unique
design feature in this house, as we have found that the
third floor features this type of construction as well.
I am anticipating we will also find it on the 2nd floor, in the front
room...because that's the room where we aren't tearing down all the walls.

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  1. Well, after spending $5 on some carpet blades for my utility knife, the room is now ready to get new flooring. The carpet-blades have a hook in them that let you rip carpet like a hot knife through butter... okay, it's more like a razor-blade through leather, but compared to using a straight blade it was night and day.

    The carpet is still under the wall, but with new flooring in, and new baseboard trim, it won't be noticed. I have to spend some time pulling staples out of the floor, now. They stapled the foam pad that was under the carpet. Did they think it would go somewhere, with a wall holding it down on one side? I've pulled carpets out of several houses in my life, and nobody ever bothered to staple the foam!

    We're going to take the flooring from our bedroom, which we discovered has beautiful red oak underneath it. Why they chose to cover it up is a mystery, but we have all this nice snap-together wood flooring that we can use elsewhere, so it's a bonus for us. Tonight, hopefully, The kitchen will be completely painted, and the floor in the half-room will at least be started. I think I might be able to do the whole room if the process is simple enough, but since I've never done this type of flooring before, I might need to learn a few things before I'm flying through it.