The "Living Room"

I took pictures for this, but brought the wrong camera today.
Photos will be here later. MUCH LATER as it turns out!
This is the hang out, dining and go online room for the moment.
When we finish with it, it will be our bedroom.
We pulled up the laminate flooring, since we actually prefer hardwood...even if it is poorly stained with some red stuff. The stuff is actually stain, but they did such a terrible job staining that I guess they decided that covering it with laminate would be easier than refinishing. Whatever. At least they actually realized that they did a crappy staining job. Si.

It took us maybe 10 minutes of actual floor disassembly time and 20 minutes of moving stuff around and sweeping to get all the laminate taken care of. We are going to recycle the flooring down to the small room/study in the first floor unit (aka the room with the wall built over the carpet). We are trying to recycle, repurpose as much as possible here.
It is actually a goal of ours to buy no NEW furniture.
We'd like to rescue unwanted period pieces that fit and give them new life!

So after the floor got ripped up, I brought in some furniture and carpets and tried to make it more like a room we can use.
It's definitely funky.
(Update: there is now an exercise bike where the red chair was, and a loveseat where the leopard chair was-the silly green chairs are both up on the 3rd and the red chair is to big to go up the stairs so it's in the "dining room")

Oh yeah, the walls will not be remaining a high gloss mint green, nor will the trim remain yellow.

I am trying to decide between a grayed out brown or a brownishy olive color. Neutral, but a little darker that your everyday tan. Since we'll probably have a bunch of small carpets for a while I think the neutral will be best.
The carpets are Turkish or Afghan or Iranian and mostly in the traditional reds.

And we'll bring the ceiling height back up as well.
This is the only room in the BUILDING with a low ceiling. Even the tiny leech room adjacent has a high ceiling. The 3rd floor rooms have higher ceilings and that was the attic!

Just another classic undergrade by the former owner.

I am willing to bet that there's nothing wrong with the old ceiling above the new one.

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