What happened last night

Hallway is painted except for touchups
This shot gives an idea of what it will look like with the chair rail up.
Last night I was thinking the top color was too 
dark, but it looks great today
These are great dirt hiding colors too.
I think in this one the color is closer to what it really looks like.
Your monitor may vary...
The chair rail is the same color as kitchen cabinets, antique white.
Can't wait to get that up there!
Hole in wall before...
Hole in wall - 3/4 done(?). 
Ran out of mud, but it'll be done tonight.
Then it's sand and finish priming and paint it.
This room is going to be on the yellow side since it is the smallest room on the "dark" side of the house, I figure it should be on the "light" side colorwise.

The best part is this puts us about 1/3 of the way done 
on our planned chores for the week,  
with one of the worst (wall patch) done. 
The worst job is sanding in the bathroom. (Tonight)

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