as we head into week 3, this is where we're at
  • Kitchen-done except for touchups and cleaning up paint spots and non-upgrade cleaning
  • Hall - bottom half of wall painted 
  • Bathroom - half primed, half of wainscoting is up. 
  • We decided to finish the painting before putting the rest up(Duh!)
  • Sm. room - all carpet and foam is up, half of the walls are patched and sanded.
  • Bedroom - Carpet is as clean as it's going to get this shot. Walls are patched.
  • Living room - carpet is cleaned and looks good, big wall is primed
What we're doing this week
  • Patch big hole in wall in small room(done 1/12!) finish walls in there 
  • Paint top half of wall in hall(done 1/12!) and put up chair rail
  • Prime and paint Bedroom
  • Finish priming (done 1/13) and paint Living Room
  • Clean oven and fridge
  • Put down laminate floor in small room
  • Sand and prime bathroom walls and put up the wainscoting and fixtures 
We should be able to get that all done this week
The biggest waste of time is the priming...they painted everything with high gloss paint in vivid colors, so we have no choice.

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