The Roommate...

Dave's cat - Miss Kitty. She's something of a cranky old girl.
More about the hole in the wall behind her later, promise.
She sleeps in a Princess chair (pic tomorrow) or 
the leopard ottoman during the day 
and howls to be in the "people room" at night.
Even if we aren't in the bedroom, she will sit 
outside the door and yell at it.
"Open Sesame!", not that's not it,
 "Abracadabra!", um
"Open Sesame!", damn!!
"Spoon!", uh, for Pete's sake!
"Open Freakin' Sesame!", jeez...
(what can you say, she has a brain the size of a walnut)
She can be in there under supervision. 
I am trying to find TV shows that'll engage her. 
Planet Earth seemed to catch her attention for 
a bit,  but she's unpredictably pukey.  
No sleeping over.

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