Silly kitchen

The kitchen has what I'd call one small set of cabinets.
I could fill all the cabinet space with just my spices.
There's also a small wacky closet/pantry, and we put up 
a metro shelving sort of Baker's Rack, by the door but 
the real fun began when I decided that the way to get the food out 
of the gym bags on the floor was to take anything that can be wall 
mounted and hold food and put it on the long wall. 
Some of these shelves are trash finds and/or need paint jobs, 
but it's what we need until we redo the kitchen for real.
While I was making breakfast Saturday, Dave put up a couple shelves 
and added foods. After a bit of organizational rearranging, 
I thought they looked pretty decorative beyond just 
storage, so here are some pics.

This is all tea.^^
Haggis and quail eggs, hmmm.
Canned fish and tea...
Miscellaneous meats and soup bases, 
(more evaporated milk as well)
We have some pretty colorful as well as 'interesting' eats!

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