Unanticipated "Pitfall"

Something we hadn't thought of before-BAD WEATHER!

Last night it snowed a couple inches, and then this morning it was raining-hail-sleet-freezing-rain-with-a-snowflake-or-two.  So we had to shovel the steps, walk, sidewalk and driveway.  
 Yup, this was UNPLANNED!
Dave is supposed to drive me to The North End so I can continue to get my stuff out of my apartment, then have my ritual morning coffee at My Friend Jeff's. 
Then he drives to Wellington or Sullivan to park and take the T. 

We managed to get everything cleared, the ice melt down and then drive to my work and park there.  Dave took the T from BHCC and I was early for a change, but we really do have to plan for these things now. 

Photo is by Corey Goldberg, not my neighborhood at all, but I think you get the idea

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