I was headed down the hallway to the kitchen for something. 
Dave was headed to the bedroom and made the finder to lips "shhh" 
gesture as he snuck into the bedroom.
About 10 seconds later he's yelling, 
"*&#!ing squirrels!".
Apparently he was in the bathroom and heard some scrambling 
around in the eaves and headed to the bedroom where he could take a look.  
And saw a squirrel come out.
That hole patch jumped in priority. 
It had been on the list and we had the supplies.
Patching that for the winter is no longer on the list...but that corner is worse than we'd thought...
(I had to stick my arm out the window to take this, so you'd don't get a good idea 
of the hole in the before state, it also has some plexi over it for now)

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